Our on-site 3 person medical team is comprised of doctors and nurses who oversee both the routine medical care for the children as well as collaborate with medical specialists at regional hospitals. Many children in our care require regular exams, such as echocardiograms for those with CHD and shunt function for those with hydrocephalus, to protect their long-term health. Our staff also oversees the growth and nutritional needs for each child, and works closely with the local hospitals and specialists when our children are in the hospital receiving care. We have a medical fund to specifically for these ongoing needs as well as surgeries and specialized care. When you donate, choose Medical Fund.



Corey’s Stay at SFCV Following Tumor Removal

Corey (Song Yike) came to us in July of 2016 with a cervical lymphangioma—a large mass on his neck. He was examined in his home province of Yangxi earlier this year and it was decided then that he needed to have surgery as soon as possible. Our team assisted in transferring him to Beijing, and in mid-March, he underwent a successful operation to remove the tumor.

Because they both happened to be in the area at the same time, we were able to arrange for Jason (Hu Tao) to spend some time with Corey in Beijing. It was so good to see two of our “Blessings Boys” together again! (Both stayed in the House of Blessings while living on our campus.)

Corey returned to Yangxi shortly after the operation and is due to be reviewed again at the three-month mark.