Bright Stars Therapy Program

The Bright Stars Therapy Program at Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village serves two main purposes here on our campus. First, we provide physical, occupational, speech and behavioral therapies to children in our care. Our five-person team takes a hands-on approach in these children’s lives, helping them to see and achieve their full potential. Our goal is improved physical and cognitive development, as well as education to prepare them for independent living.

Secondly, as a nonprofit organization, outreach is a very big part of what we do. We provide therapeutic education to our nannies, orphanage partners, and local therapists throughout China. Our hope is that Bright Stars Therapy becomes an educational resource for not just the children at Shepherd’s Field, but for the rest of the special-needs community in China. To help support our therapy program, donate now to the Medical Fund.

Bayannur Visits Shepherd’s Field

Our Bright Stars Therapy program was thrilled to host members of the rehabilitation team from the Children’s Welfare Institute in Bayannur, Inner Mongolia earlier this year. This is the facility where Jason (Hu Tao) has been living since leaving Shepherd’s Field. The team was made up of four ladies and they traveled with Jason for over fifteen hours to Bo Ai Hospital in Beijing. Our boy was evaluated and fitted for new AFOs by the orthotics team there.

During their time in the Beijing area, our therapy team was able to provide in-depth training for the Bayannur therapy staff on several topics. These included feeding, positioning, autism and communication training, behavior training, and physical and developmental assessments. We covered a lot of ground with these ladies! All four were eager to gain more understanding about these various therapy disciplines and were excited to take their newly-learned knowledge back to Bayannur.

Thanks to our faithful sponsors, we were able to give Jason a brand-new Nimbo walker that provides balance and assistance while he walks. Our team was also able to provide additional therapy support on Jason’s current therapy plan and treatments. It was great to see Jason at SFCV for a short time, and we’re delighted that he is receiving loving care in a positive environment, but our greatest delight for Jason would be for him to have a Forever Family of his own! Please help us pray and share his story, which can be found on our website.