Advocate For Charissa

Meet Charissa

This is Charissa. She’s an amazing young lady who acts as a wise counselor to her friends. She is kind, clever, determined and very funny. Her kindness was evidenced in the way she would help to take care of her younger siblings while at Shepherd’s Field. She has a mischievous streak, too, and likes to joke and tease others in a good-natured way. Our sweet young diva also enjoys having her nails painted and makeup applied to her already beautiful face.

Charissa blossomed into quite the young lady over the summer. She worked hard in her vocational classes and occupational therapy sessions, and learned much about the importance of personal care and hygiene. In OT, she learned how to dress herself using adaptive techniques. As a finale of sorts, we took Charissa shopping and she showed off her skills at working within a budget and making small purchases on her own. She did great!

Charissa is hard-working and if provided with the right tools, she could no doubt live independently when she gets older, attend college, and one day thrive in an occupation. She has said that she aspires to be an artist when she grows up, and it would be her dream come true to have a forever family to love her and support her in her endeavors.

The not-so-good news right now is that Charissa turned 13 last August, and when she reaches 14, she will no longer be eligible for adoption under China’s adoption laws. The GREAT news, however, is that Charissa is eligible for a generous $10,000 adoption grant through Reece’s Rainbow, as well as a $3000 agency grant through Hawaii International Child Adoption Agency, and another private grant of $1000. Please help us as we race against time for our precious girl. A family that had nearly completed the adoption process was denied the privilege of adopting Charissa. Join us in prayer and share Charissa’s story and photos to help us find her Forever Family before August 23, 2019.

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