Advocate For Charlie

Meet Charlie

Charlie needs a family

Charlie is a truly amazing boy with a twinkle in his eye that complements his infectious smile. Upon first meeting, it is obvious just how smart, caring and playful he is. He loves going to school, cooking, playing games and hanging out with his friends. Charlie is nearly 12 years old and has arthrogryposis, meaning that the joints of his arms are permanently bent. It is a non-progressive diagnosis and Charlie can do  (or learn to do) the same things other people can–just in different ways. For example, his handwriting is better than most people’s, but he has to hold his pencil in a way that is not typical. Charlie had clubbed feet at birth and had surgery to correct the condition. He uses a wheelchair and propels himself with his feet. In therapy, he made strides learning to dress himself and was tolerating standing for up to 6 minutes.
Charlie has an incredible amount of potential and would undoubtedly thrive in a loving family environment.  We’re working hard so we can help get Charlie home long before any worries about his 14th birthday arise. Please share his story and help us find his forever family!

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