Philip Hayden Foundation

Meet Corey

Corey Song Yike

This is Corey. He is truly an outstanding young boy. He was a model student while he was with us and took his studies very seriously. He excels at math, has beautiful penmanship, a large vocabulary and is gifted at reciting poetry. His teacher notes with pride that he is quite capable of independent thinking.

Corey is cheerful and kind and has good self-care and self-discipline. He kept his belongings neat and orderly at home. He always took the initiative to help around the house and to assist the other children at mealtime—especially those with more severe disabilities. Compassionate, obedient and respectful… all of these attributes describe our Corey.

Mature for his age, Corey gets along with everyone. He enjoys hands-on projects and likes to jump rope and roller-skate. His dream come true would be to share his special qualities with his own Forever Family. He will turn 11 in August. We’re working hard now so we can help get Corey home in plenty of time before his 14th birthday. Won’t you share his story so he can be discovered soon?

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