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Meet Dustin

Dustin is hard to forget. Born in 2011, he’s easily remembered as part of the Shepherd’s Field family – but he can be a bit of a busybody at times! However, his caretakers enjoy his company, especially when he wraps his arms around their necks and kisses their faces when they put him to bed.

Dustin will express himself when he gets upset, but it takes only a short time to calm down. He loves watching TV and listening to music, but he really likes to dance around whenever he can, even though he’s listed as having post-op clubbed right foot, epilepsy and cerebral palsy. His right hand doesn’t work well, but his left hand is very fast.

At the time his adoption file was prepared, Dustin wasn’t speaking much, and would say only one or two words at a time – and not very clearly. He had club-foot surgery in December of 2016, and since then walks quickly, and always likes to be the first one to get home after school. He’d been taking medication for his epilepsy, but his file doesn’t mention anything about this need. Madison Adoption Associates is currently working on getting an update.

Will you help Dustin make this a reality? His file is currently at Madison Adoption Associates. Email for more information, or contact Madison Adoption directly at

Time passes so quickly so please pray and share his story and photos!

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