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Meet Jason

Jason Hou Tong

By Naomi Preedin

Over the last 4 years that Jason has lived with us, I’ve had the pleasure of watching him grow into the incredible and smart young man that he is today. He’s learned and achieved so much physically and cognitively. As a young man with Spastic Cerebral Palsy, he has challenges with balance and uses a walker to help him get around. He has been learning to walk using lofstrand crutches and is doing excellently.  I will also share that he has incredible work ethic, despite lacking some confidence, as long as he knows he has someone to cheer him on, Jason will attempt just about anything. He’s come a long way and is making great progress. When we first met, he was barely walking and his speech was very slow, today he’s learning to walk with crutches and he talks constantly! One of my favorite things about Jason is his joy. It can never be taken from him, even when things are challenging or he’s sad, Jason ALWAYS has a smile. His smile and laugh are 100% contagious. Honestly, I have never seen a straight or sad face on anyone when Jason is laughing.  He is one of the most ticklish kids I’ve ever met. He’s a jokester, a goof, and an all-around happy kid.

Jason is incredible! Like most 12-year-olds he has a love/ hate relationship with school and homework. He loves his friends and teachers, but learning is work as we all know. One of his favorite things is to play “teacher” at school and help his peers learn the days lessons. He’s very intelligent and has great English language skills. He is well on his way to being fluent.

He loves video games, movies, baking, cooking, playing cards, painting, carving pumpkins, Legos, puzzles, action figures and superhero. His favorite foods are ice-cream, chocolate, cake, hamburgers and pizza. He hates being left behind, being vulnerable, spicy food and squats (don’t we all). He’s a bit shy when you first meet him, but once you get to know him and gain his trust, he’s a friend for life. He’s loyal and protective. He looks out for his siblings, friends and nannies. He’s thoughtful and loves to stay after class to help clean off the white board or bring someone hand-picked flowers. He’s physically independent, able to dress, toilet, and shower himself. He loves playing and never lets his physical condition stop him from being on the playground, riding a horse, learning to swing a bat, shoot a hoop or throw a snowball. He’s thankful and generous. And did I mention…he’s full of JOY! Let me just say…this guy is something else. I feel truly honored to have him as my friend, patient and buddy. My heart breaks at the thought of him leaving SFCV, but I pray daily that God would bring Jas’ dream of a forever family to fruition.

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