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Meet Levi

Levi with Tim Baker

It’s hard to believe this little bundle of joy will turn seven in November. Three words I’d use to describe Levi (Han Qiannan) would be: caring, funny and affectionate. He’s definitely the world’s best hugger! Levi’s also an energetic little guy who never fails to bring a smile to your face; and he loves dancing, songs, coloring and much more. Levi was successfully treated for a retinoblastoma while in our care at Philip Hayden Foundation and now has an artificial eye implantation. There has been no recurrence of eye disease and he’s adapted well to vision in only one eye.


While in preschool, Levi’s best buddy was Isaac. The two boys shared giggles and a good friendship, as well as a bit of mischief. It was hard for Levi as he watched Isaac join a Forever Family a few years ago, but he was happy for him. He’s content playing alone now, but definitely prefers playing with other children, especially if it means some monkey business! He still dreams of someday having his own family – it’s really the ultimate dream of most, if not all of these orphans.


Levi had many friends at Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village (SFCV) and is still quite social – he’s living in a foster home in China with several other children, and is doing very well. Nothing seems to stop him when it comes to achieving his goals, so we’re confident that we can help fulfill his dream to be adopted by a loving family. Will you help Levi make this a reality? His file is currently at Madison Adoption Associates. Email for more information, or contact Madison Adoption directly at

Time passes so quickly so please pray and share his story and photos!

For more information about Levi, please contact us.

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