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Luke passed away in January 2022. He will be missed.

This is Luke. He’s a handsome young fellow, kind, gentle and happy. He’s an exceptional young man whose personality tends to be a bit introverted. He enjoys helping others and, in fact, always takes the initiative to do so. Luke is very self-sufficient and is able to do most things for himself. He manages his personal belongings well and always stores them in a neat and orderly fashion. He’s very energetic and active, despite his severe heart condition.

Twelve-year-old Luke (Tianyi) arrived at Shepherd’s Field when he was just one month old. As a result of being born with a single heart ventricle, Luke received a lifesaving Glenn Shunt operation in late 2008. He will soon have another heart surgery to improve his current condition.

In school he gets along well with other kids and the other children really like him too. He does well in math, learned a lot of Chinese characters, developed good handwriting, learned how to use money and how to buy things on his own. Luke has a sharp mind and is always earnest in finishing his homework. His language skills are quite good, and he is able to communicate with visitors in simple English. This mid-term, he was in first place in his class. He scored 100 in Mathematics and 99 in Chinese language. In addition, it’s been noted that he has very neat and appealing handwriting.

Luke is not only incredibly smart; but he’s cute, kind and sensible!  He has many excellent qualities; such as being helpful, generous, optimistic, tidy, and studious.  He’s really into to helping others and takes the initiative to do it on his own when he sees they need it.  He is a very good and obedient boy in school and within his orphanage family. He can take care of himself and manage his daily affairs in an orderly and neat fashion.

Luke knows how to use a computer, make a Word document, and an Excel spread sheet.  He’s able to use Chinese Pinyin to input Chinese characters on to the computer screen.  He cares about the classroom environment and automatically helps his teachers organize the classroom every day.

He enjoys doing manual work with his hands, likes painting, and is very creative. He likes baking, making cakes, pizza, and cookies just to name a few. He’s careful about exercise because he can’t do too much, otherwise his heart will feel uncomfortable.

During the eleven years with us, he participated in many outings and field trips.  He’s been to the Beijing Zoo, Tianjin Botanical Gardens, Beijing Aquarium, Langfang Natural Park, Jiu Tian Leisure Hall, and the Tianjin Triumph Kingdom.  Through these outings he has been able to have a greater understanding about society.

Luke has a grateful heart and is always careful to express his gratitude to those who show him kindness. Even though he’s somewhat introverted, he did not shy away from the stage during our last Children’s Day performances. He sang in two different groups and strutted his stuff—dressed to the nines—during our SFCV fashion show. He looked like a natural on the catwalk!

Luke did very well in our vocational training classes and enjoyed both cooking and sewing. He took part in some organized extra-curricular activities like art courses, natural science courses, daily morning exercises, children through rhythm, and dancing.  He is always a willing participant and able to follow the teacher’s instructions.

He has said that he would like to become an actor someday. Before that happens, he would be delighted and content to become a son in a forever family he can call his own. Luke just recently became eligible for international adoption and we’re working hard so we can help get him home long before any concerns about his 14th birthday arise. Please pray, support, and share his story and help us find his Forever Family! You can be the change for Luke.

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