Advocate For Tyler

Meet Tyler

This is our sweet Tyler. He’s an amazing young man who can be somewhat shy about smiling when there’s a camera around, but when he does decide to show those pearly-whites, his smile lights up the room and warms the heart of everyone around him. Tyler has muscular dystrophy and has shown incredible perseverance through the challenges this condition has brought his way. Though he is nonverbal, from all appearances he enjoys going to school here at SFCV and he usually looks very contented. This year during Children’s Day, he played the bongo drums to Woody’s “Round Up” from Toy Story—with a little help from a friend. He did a great job and we were so proud of him!

Tyler’s greatest “dream come true” would be to have a forever family to call his own. This precious jewel needs to be discovered! He has already celebrated his 13th birthday and once he reaches 14, he will no longer be eligible for adoption under China’s adoption laws. Time is running away quickly for Tyler. Please share his story and his photos with everyone you can. We’ll be so grateful for your help in finding his Forever Family!

For more information about Tyler, please contact us.