Advocate For Xander

Meet Xander

This is Xander. He’s an amazing young man who is uniquely Xander! Although he is nonverbal, he does understand what is being said to him, and he demonstrates this by following through on the instructions he receives. Those who know Xander best boast about how obedient he is. He doesn’t have to be asked twice if he’s called on to do something. And when it comes to helping around the house, you can count on him to be a first responder. In fact, if there’s a spill or something that needs cleaned up, he will take the initiative to get the job done without even being asked. Before his house mothers have scarcely had a chance to notice the mess, here comes Xander with mop or broom or rag in hand! It’s been noted that he seems to be happiest when he’s helping in this way.

It touches our hearts to see the warm smiles of this precious young man, but what would make Xander even happier would be to have a forever family to call his own. Xander recently became a teenager, and when he reaches his birthday in June of next year, he will no longer be eligible for adoption under China’s adoption laws. Time is not on Xander’s side. Won’t you take him on your heart and share his story and photos? You can help us find his Forever Family!

For more information about Xander, please contact us.