Birthday Celebrations

Everyone loves a good party, and the children and staff at Shepherd’s Field are no different. We value the individuality and uniqueness of each child in our care, and one way to show this is by celebrating birthdays. Each month we host a birthday celebration, complete with hats, fun, gifts, and CAKE!

June Birthday Party

June was a big month for birthdays! Our celebrity kiddos and babes were Holly, Jackson, Lael, Matthew, Russell James (RJ), Sid, Xander, and Zack. Like all of our birthday celebrations, there were plenty of delicious goodies to go around. We had yummy watermelon—a crowd favorite—cookies, and of course, birthday cake for everyone. Sid was so excited because he had the honor of blowing out the birthday candles. Wonder what he wished for! Meanwhile, Hector decided to see what he would look like with a whipped cream nose. Handsome as ever, if you ask us. Jackson, one of our new kids on the block, had a great time. He may be new here but he already thinks our birthday parties are a blast!

Another of our new kids, Connor, will have his birthday next month, along with our sweet Brody. If you would like to help fund our birthday parties, or send a gift for a child’s birthday, please contact us.