Visit to Bayannur

Our therapy team visited Jason (Hu Tao) at his home orphanage in Bayannur, Inner Mongolia for a total of three days last fall. In addition to touring the welfare home and delivering Jason’s new Lofstrand crutches, our team was able to provide individualized therapy training for Jason and other children in the therapy program, feeding training for all the caregivers, and therapy training to the four therapy nannies working there. Some of the office staff and even the director of the orphanage participated in the feeding training as well. This training was very well received and the methods taught are still being used in the daily feeding of all the children. This is an incredible benefit for the kids, especially those with severe needs.

Jason currently receives therapy for one hour each day, five days a week. His treatment plan focuses on stretching and strengthening his lower extremities, increasing core strength and stability, and self-care skills (such as dressing and putting on shoes). Although there is no school available at his orphanage, Jason does attend recreational classes in the afternoon each day, where he is involved in arts and crafts and other recreational games. He has made several new friends who are willing to help him carry his walker while he climbs up and down the stairs. Meals and therapy are on different floors and there is no elevator in his facility. Overall, Jason is doing very well and is making steady therapy progress. He is loved by all and receiving excellent care in his new home.