Visit to Guangchang

Guangchang is a very small orphanage in Jiangxi province with only five children. Because of their very small size, they also have limited funds. One caregiver lives with and looks after the children full-time. They reside in an apartment that is housed within a care facility for the elderly. We were pleased to see that Xander has grown taller and gained weight. We brought him some sensory toys that he truly delighted in. As we told you in the March issue of Heartbeat, we also delivered his iPad which he had learned to use as a communication device while at SFCV. It took hardly any time at all before Xander was successfully using the device again to communicate what he wanted! We are hopeful they will continue using this device going forward. Our team helped the caregiver with positioning and stretching for another child who has cerebral palsy and also taught the children and caregiver some basic sign language. At this time, the most pressing needs that the orphanage in Guangchang has are physical. They have very limited funds to purchase important things like diapers. SFCV is working alongside Guangchang to provide local donors who can help meet their immediate needs.

One of the five children at Guangchang is a little four-year-old girl with Down Syndrome. We instantly fell in love with her and nicknamed her Tang Bao Bao. This tiny mite is full of energy and life! Bao Bao loves to dance and help others, and Xander is very fond of his little “sister.” The orphanage asked us to advocate for her adoption because they have very limited ways of doing so. Please pray and share her story so we can help find Bao Bao’s Forever Family!