What’s New

Maggie (Tian Xin Xin) has renal failure and our Medical Team is working hard to find the help she needs. Kidney disease is a serious condition all by itself, but Maggie’s situation is made even more precarious because of a heart defect. Currently she’s being evaluated for a kidney biopsy, to see if she’s a good candidate for a transplant. Her kidney doctors are consulting with her cardiologist to determine if she can withstand the biopsy and surgery safely. She’s also received genetic testing to see if there’s anything that might indicate congenital renal failure.

Through all of this, Maggie remains in good spirits and is her usual cute and feisty self, even though she’s currently hospitalized in Tianjin. Her medical bill has grown to US$6,937 (¥43,895RMB), and if tests show that she’s a good candidate for a kidney transplant – and one is located – the cost will balloon to US$110,622 (¥700,000RMB). Our Medical Fund does not have enough money to cover these expenses, so we need your prayers and financial support for little Maggie. If you’d like to give, you can donate here.