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No Soup For This Egg Drop

Our new Vocational Building was put to egg-cellent use recently. Our kiddos who are in science class have been learning about gravity and air resistance, and their teachers came up with a great way to demonstrate these principles. Our young scientists were Ed, Corey, Jason, Richard, Charlie, Luke, Hector and Charissa, with big brother Sid as an assistant to all.

The children were divided into teams of two and all received the same equipment: straws, three balloons, a paper plate and some string. Their assignment was to build some sort of contraption out of these items that could both hold the egg and also provide it protection. Their delicate cargo was about to go through a harrowing eggs-perience!

From the 4th floor of the Vocational Building, the homemade devices were released—each with an egg nested inside—while the students anxiously waited on the ground below. While each team’s design was different, the majority had successfully applied what they learned in school and all but one of the eggs survived intact. The young pair who ended up with “egg on their face” learned a valuable lesson in the importance of listening to the teacher’s advice instead of doing things their own way!

The results were quite egg-ceptional and we’re so proud of our superstar scientists! We’d like to give a special nod to one in particular—Ed. Ed has already had his 13th birthday and is waiting to be discovered by his forever family. Could that family be yours or maybe someone you know? Visit our Advocate page to see photos and to learn more about this helpful young man who always has a big smile to brighten any day.