What’s New

Seven Acres Project

This summer, with the full support of both PHF and Beijing Hidden Treasures Charity Foundation (Puyu), we are launching our third and newest project called Seven Acres on our campus. The Seven Acres project will focus on assisting “orphanage graduates” and kids, teens and young adults with physical or cognitive disabilities aged 14 and over who have grown up in the welfare system. Our goal is to train and equip these young people with the skills they need to become successful, independent young adults who can contribute to the community and world around them, utilizing our campus outside of Beijing.

As with our other projects, the Seven Acres project will offer residents medical and therapy services, general and special education, and most importantly, a loving home environment on our campus.  Two of the core components of our new project will be providing vocational and life-skills training, as well as psychological and trauma counseling as we help these young people grow into independent adults. We are grateful for this new opportunity and we look forward to your continued support as we navigate through this new project.

We are staffing now for this project and need professionals, especially in our therapy and education departments. Check out our staffing needs here.