Help us find Forever Families

Many wonderful children live at Shepherd’s Field, but our desire is for each of them to be adopted by a compassionate, loving family. While we are not an adoption agency, we do advocate for our children to be adopted. In fact, we’ve helped more than 900 children join their Forever Families! Here you’ll meet children who are waiting to be adopted – check back often and share!

Meet Ed

This is Ed. He is best described as Mr. Personality! He is very outgoing and loves to be involved in whatever activities are going on. At the same time, he’s a loving big brother to our other children and is thoughtful and kind beyond his years. During special events—and even just day to day—he always takes a back seat when it comes to food and treats and makes sure that others have enough before he will take any for himself. However, when it comes to lending a helping hand, you can count on Ed being the first to volunteer. He has a great reputation for helping without having to be asked. Talk about every mother’s dream!

Like many boys his age, Ed dreams of becoming a professional basketball player. But even more, he wants to be part of a forever family who will love him and with whom he can share his special qualities. Ed turned 13 in March of this year, and when he turns 14 next March, he will no longer be eligible for adoption under China’s adoption laws. So you can see that were racing against time.Won’t you take Ed on your heart and share his story and photos? Help us find his Forever Family!

For more information about Ed, please contact us.

Ed You Kang-Happy Valley
Ed You Kang- 2016-09-04 0003
Ed You Kang- 2016-06-06
Ed You Kang- 2016-10-08
Ed You Kang-18.6.11-13
Ed You Kang-18.3.1-2
Ed You Kang- 2016-10-03 0002
Ed You Kang-18.6.25-2
Ed You Kang-18.2.15-1
Ed You Kang-18.6.20-8
Ed You Kang-18.6.21-1
Ed You Kang-18.5.9-5
Ed You Kang-2017-11-3
Ed You Kang- 2016-11-02
Ed You Kang-18.3.13-7
Ed You Kang-18.5.9-4
Ed You Kang-2016-06-16
Ed You Kang- 2016-07-11 0001
Ed You Kang-18.4.4-2
Ed You Kang-18.5.9-3
Ed You Kang-18.6.20-2
Ed You Kang-18.6.1
Ed You Kang-18.6.12-3
Ed You Kang-18.3.22-7