Advocate For Charissa

Meet Charissa

This is Charissa. She is an amazing young woman who acts as a wise counselor to her friends. Nothing can stop this determined girl. When she grows up she wants to be an artist. She needs a forever family to love and support her. But Charissa will turn 13 in August – and at the age of 14 – will no longer be eligible for adoption under China’s adoption laws. Please share Charissa’s story and photos to help us find her Forever Family! Charissa is also eligible for a generous adoption grant through Reece’s Rainbow.

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这是卡丽莎,一位出色的女孩,在她的小朋友们中总扮演着像一个智慧的辅导员的角色。没有什么事可以阻挡这个意志坚强的女孩。卡丽莎从小就想成为一位艺术家。她需要永久的家人们来爱她和支持她的梦想。卡丽莎在今年八月已满13岁,而根据国家收养法律规定,到了14岁的她将不能被收养了。所以请帮助我们分享卡丽莎的故事和照片,让我们一起为她找到永久的家人!卡丽莎同时也符合Reece’s Rainbow协会慷慨给予的领养资助。