Feature Article

Art is Therapy, Volunteering is Love

from our October 2017 Issue of Heartbeat 

Every other Monday, two local students come to Shepherd’s Field and teach art to our two older classes, and the children love it! Over time, our kids have learned different forms of art, and one of their favorites is painting a pot of sunflowers, using pastels. More recently, they learned how to paint with acrylics. The teachers divided the classes into two groups and instructed half of the class to paint a still life, while the other half painted scenery found around Shepherd’s Field. All the children were very excited. Once they got started, it was hard to stop them – they even wanted to work through lunch!


First, they were taught how to sketch out their subjects on canvas. Then, using the different techniques they learned in class, they painted their images. Every child put a lot of time and effort into their creations and enjoyed every moment of achieving their new goal. It was great to see some of the kids who struggle with fine motor skills enjoy painting some beautiful scenery. They all commented on how therapeutic they found Art Class and are extremely excited and eager to learn more. Thank you to our student volunteers!