Feature Article

A Time of Transistion

from our August 2018 Issue of Heartbeat 

Back in 1995 when the Philip Hayden Foundation (the parent organization of Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village [SFCV]) was formed, our goal was to provide assistance and services to special-needs orphans and orphanages from all over China. In the 23 years that we’ve cared for these amazing kids, we’ve been able to do just that. We’ve seen more than 500 children receive therapy treatments and special-education services; provided over 4,000 medical procedures; and helped more than 1,000 children meet their Forever Families through adoption. We’re proud to help these kids reach – and exceed – their highest potential. However, due to China’s new orphan-care policies, orphans are no longer permitted to receive care outside of their home provinces. As a result, we’ll continue to provide medical, therapy and educational services to our orphanage partners and the children in their own provinces, on-site. Over the next week we’ll help our children transition back to life in their home provinces, to ensure a safe return and adjustment to life there. All of their treatments will continue as planned.


Through the past 23 years, Shepherd’s Field has faced many periods of change, and with every one we’ve adapted and succeeded in providing better care for our kids. This new challenge presents us with the opportunity to retrain our staff, re-register, restructure our organization and refine our mission. We’re refocusing on providing therapy and vocational training services to a wider group of special-needs kids, young adults and families all over China. This transition presents us with the opportunity to equip our staff with the training and resources they need to help create a much larger impact in the lives of those we care for. During this time, we’ll continue to need your prayers, financial support and love as we carry out our mission to serve special-needs individuals throughout China.


Pray especially for our kids and staff, as we all transition into this new phase of care for the children who have become family to us. This separation will be difficult for all those who have grown so close, but we look for the opportunities and blessings whenever we’re faced with a change like this. Despite not being all together on one campus, we’re still ONE big family.


We’ll continue to maintain relationships with our kids and their orphanages, and provide them with the training and services they need. Thank you for your faithful support through 23 wonderful years. We’re excited and encouraged by your love, and look forward to continuing our mission to provide therapy, medical care and educational services to the neediest Chinese children and families for many more decades.


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