In November, the Shepherd’s Field Therapy Program introduced four kids – Sid, Lydia, Jason and Hector – to H.O.P.E. Ranch in Beijing. H.O.P.E. (Horses Offering People Enrichment) is a registered non-profit that provides therapeutic riding, proper horsemanship, training and art lessons to children with disabilities. All four kids not only fell in love with these large, peaceful creatures, but also benefited physically and mentally from the experience. Sid and Lydia’s behavior improved almost immediately, and Jason and Hector’s posture and balance was significantly improved through riding. The kids each gained something different from the experience, and the smiling faces revealed just how they felt about H.O.P.E. Ranch. We’re grateful to the staff and volunteers at the ranch, and their mission to help kids with special needs. Because of the great success of just one session, we’re currently raising money to send our kids twice a month! We hope to continue the relationship between our children and the animals that make their lives better.