Philip Hayden Foundation

Together we can make a difference.

One child at a time.

Our mission is to provide compassionate medical care, therapy and education to orphans in China – and that’s unchanged. But the type of resources needed for these vulnerable children has changed – and so have the methods to effectively meet those needs. At this time, our Child Sponsorship Program is ending. The children have lived in their province of origin for more than a year, and it has become much more challenging to stay individually connected with them, as the policies in China continue to evolve.

To offer stability in the midst of ever-changing laws and situations, we’ve developed a new recurring giving program called Partners in Hope that will ensure that your generous donations are maximized in their effectiveness. You’ll choose one of four areas to support with your recurring donations: Bright Stars Therapy, 7Acres (vocational training), Medical or our General Fund. As a Partner in Hope, you’ll be updated with stories and photos of children whose lives are changed because of the work you undergird. We’re very thankful for our faithful friends and donors who have supported us through this challenging transition, and for the new friends who have joined our team. As a Partner in Hope, you can Be The Change!

YOU can be a Partner in Hope! Choose the area where YOU will provide HOPE. 7Acres, teaching vocational and life skills to teens aging out of the orphanages. Bright Stars Therapy, providing therapy to orphans and vulnerable children to help them thrive. Medical, providing resources for life saving and life changing surgeries and medical procedures. General Fund, transforming lives, one child at a time.
To help us in this transition, please tell us if you are a current or past child sponsor.