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From the Heart – by Tim Baker

As June is PTSD Awareness Month, I want to share the importance of supporting orphans and unsupported children who have experienced trauma in their lives. Trauma is the root cause of PTSD, whether from abuse, being abandoned, without a family, being born with a disability, or wondering where their next meal will come from. We all need to help these vulnerable kids feel safe and secure. 

Our new focus is to work and partner with existing local organizations to meet the physical and emotional needs of at-risk children and young adults. We will partner with organizations who hold our same values, assuring that funds raised will work directly to helping the children and not “overhead.” In China, we continue to utilize those good relationships developed over the past 25 years with hospitals and doctors in Beijing, assuring that the kids we help have access to the best possible care available.

Covid Lockdown in Beijing

Unfortunately, Beijing has shut down again because of strict zero Covid protocols. No one is allowed in or out of the city; people are to stay in their homes, get tested several times a week, and are even required passes to get groceries. These strict lockdown measures come more than two years after the first shutdown in February 2020. The steps make it impossible for kids from outside of Beijing to go to the hospitals in the city, and it continues to prevent adoptive families from entering the country to complete the adoption process of the children they have been matched with.  It’s clear that our world is still affected by Covid. Here in our region of Mexico, the mask mandate is still in full effect, and the local people are nearly all compliant. We’re able to travel about the country without restriction. We’re grateful for that and do not take it for granted. We continue to look for opportunities that fit into our mission to help kids affected by poverty, food insecurity, unmet medical and educational needs, and preparation for a successful life as an adult.

Together We Can Bring Hope and Healing

So as we acknowledge PTSD awareness month, we want to thank you for your sticking with and believing in us as we continue this journey to be a blessing to those who need love, safety, and security in their lives. Together we can bring hope and healing to this world.

Hope For JiaYi and Her Family

Over a decade ago, Rebekah was an intern at Philip Hayden Foundation. Her passion for orphans in China led her to start Hope Station, a 501c3 nonprofit. Hope Station recently established a Chinese NGO in Sichuan. Rebekah shared this story with PHF, and your donations have funded vision therapy for JiaYi.

JiaYi works hard on vision focusing task stringing beads

11-year-old JiaYi lives in the city with her mom, dad, and little sister. Her parents realized JiaYi wasn’t learning as fast as her peers when she was in kindergarten. After visiting the local hospital they learned that their daughter had a developmental delay.

“At that time, we didn’t really know anything,” her mom shared later. “We didn’t know what kind of treatment she needed and and we didn’t know how to teach her. We thought her condition was just fate and that we just needed to accept it.”

So we decided just to wait for her to grow up. We thought that if she could go to school, her situation would get better. So she went to a regular elementary school for four years, but we discovered her condition was getting more and more serious during that time.  She wasn’t able to keep up with her classes, so she was under a lot of pressure!  Finally, in September 2021, we transferred JiaYi to a special needs school for her to learn more self-management and life skills.

Family Support Improves Daily Life for JiaYi

A few months later, JiaYi’s family joined Hope Station’s Family Strengthening Program. With a new school and a new family support system, JiaYi’s life has improved significantly. She learns life skills at school, receives therapy regularly, and even has a new personal art teacher!

But JiaYi still had one big struggle: her vision. JiaYi’s vision was always poor, and her parents could tell it was hindering her ability to learn and enjoy her life. Her greatest love is art, and yet she can’t even clearly see what she is doing in front of her. When she goes to the zoo, she can only see the blurry shapes of the animals far away. JiaYi’s parents wanted to help her, but they could not afford the required vision therapy sessions and medicine.

PHF Donors Help JiaYi

JiaYi works on reading with Hope Station therapist

When The Philip Hayden Foundation heard about JiaYi’s need, we were excited to step in and help. Thanks to your donations, JiaYi will be able to receive vision therapy and medication! She’ll finally be able to see clearly the beauty around her that she already appreciates so much. It will also supercharge her learning and help her become more independent as she grows up.

Most importantly, with your generosity and partnership with Hope Station, JiaYi is growing up in a loving family who cares for her.

She said to her dad the other day: “I think the luckiest thing in the world is to be by mommy and daddy’s side.  So I think I am lucky too because you and mommy are always with me and love me so much!”

There’s no doubt that JiaYi will face more challenges ahead. But with such a loving family, and now that her family is equipped to support and lead her through these challenges, she will surely go far.

Her mom shared, “I hope that in the future, when my husband and I are old, she can take care of and support herself.”

Partnering with Healing Homes in China

The Philip Hayden Foundation will be supporting orphans with medical needs living at Hope Healing Homes in China. The orphans residing in the Healing Homes need medical care that cannot be met at their local orphanage. New Hope Foundation interacts closely with CWI staff and equips their own staff, providing intensive and thorough care in their facilities.

New Hope Foundation provides care and arranges medical and surgical treatment for orphaned children with special needs in addition to providing palliative care when appropriate. They currently have four facilities in the Henan Province of China, and also provide assistance to the Rainbow Center in Nanjing. In total, they provide care for about 150 precious children.

PHF will be partnering with in-country NGOs to provide direct help to orphans outside of Tianjin. The NGOs are chosen carefully to ensure the NGO reflects our values and that every dollar directly helps vulnerable orphans and children.

In Loving Memory

 Elizabeth (Beth) Mae Hayden Degeneffe 

 If you have been part of the PHF family for any length of time you probably know how the organization began with the untimely death of Tim and Pam Baker’s friend and coworker, Philip Hayden, in China in the fall of 1994. What you may not know however is that Philip’s sister Beth was a volunteer with us using her graphic design background to format the Heartbeat newsletter for nearly two years. We’re sad to tell you the news of her passing at the age of 58, way too young.

Beth was a cherished wife, a beloved mother, a precious daughter and sister, and dearest friend. She lived self-sacrificially in all she did, always thinking of others and God before herself. In life and in death, she was steadfast in faith and devotion to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who sustained her through life and now rewards her in heaven. She will be greatly missed by everyone who knew her. Rest in Peace, Beth

Teddy Ling Dairong McKinney

Teddy surrounded by photos of his family

Some children just capture your heart. Teddy Ling Dairong captured the heart of many visitors to Shepherd’s Field, including mine.

Teddy was born in December 2007 and arrived at Shepherd’s Field when he was about one year old. Born with spastic cerebral palsy with developmental and cognitive delays, he also had great difficulty gaining and maintaining weight. Teddy loved playing in the pool, stroking our therapy dog, Zai, and swinging. He responded to nearly every conversation with a big smile. Teddy adored his primary caregiver, MengYan, and she loved him. The pair were inseparable.

Teddy on Gotcha Day with his parents

Teddy joined his forever family in early 2018 when he was ten years old. His forever family knew that Teddy needed lifelong care and that he would not have a long life. But they loved his sweet spirit and wanted him to be part of their family. Teddy was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of leukodystrophy called Pelizaeus Merzbacher Disease. It only affects boys, and the life span for the type he had was five years. Teddy was a resilient fighter and far outlived his expected lifespan.

As she shared Teddy’s passing in early May, Teddy’s mom shared with us “that he forever made us better, he was always happy and brought us so much joy. Our only regret is that we did not make him our son sooner.  He was so incredibly precious.” Teddy was a treasure, a beautiful soul, and he was a blessing to everyone he met. He brought pure joy to the McKinney family, and the love of God could always be felt through him. He will be missed.

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From the Heart

Sweet anticipation. Hope and joy. The birth of a child brings so many complex emotions, and Lia’s family was no exception. Lia’s family had waited a long time to add a baby to their family and anticipated the birth just before the next Lunar New Year. But in mid-August, months before her due date, Lia was born.

Very tiny baby Lia just after birth with IV in her right arm

Babies born before 24 weeks gestation have less than a 50% chance of survival – even less if the birth weight is below 3 lbs. While we don’t know how early Lia was, we do know that she weighed a mere 2 lbs. At around 26 weeks gestation, the lungs begin to change, and the chance of survival of an infant at 26 weeks is now over 90%. Of course, this requires extensive, long-term medical care.

Facing an impossible medical expense to save Lia’s life

Lia’s family was faced with an impossible dilemma. Lia would need extensive medical care to have a chance to survive – but at a staggering cost of 20,000RMB. Lia’s family was very poor, and there was no way to raise such a vast sum.

The Neonatal doctor at the local hospital called his friend, Nurse Angela, that hot August night. He shared the heartbreaking story and the love this young couple had for their baby girl. Lia was experiencing respiratory distress syndrome because her lungs had not yet developed. Each breath was a struggle for the tiny girl, and she was using every ounce of strength. She needed to be helped immediately to survive.

Baby Lia faces a new challenge

8 month old baby Lia looks happy and healthy

Nurse Angela began making phone calls and looking for donations to help this sweet girl survive. The funds were found, Lia received treatment for her lungs, and she began to grow. The story doesn’t end here. Lia and her family are now facing a new challenge – one where you can be the one to transform a life.

You see, babies born so very early often have issues with vision. And the treatments to help them breathe and survive can also affect their vision. Lia has a problem with her eyes, and it needs to be diagnosed by specialists in Beijing. Once there is a diagnosis, a treatment plan can be formed. But it will cost $8000 to get Lia and her mama to Beijing for the testing, diagnosis, and treatment. Your donation to our medical fund can help transform the life of Lia and her family. If you’d like to help, choose medical when you donate.

Dental Outreach in Mexico

volunteer dentist surrounded by kids while teaching about dental care

On Easter Sunday, while many of us enjoyed time with friends and family, Tim Baker and his son Nate participated in a dental hygiene outreach in Pueblo UNIDO. This community is just south of Merida, the capital of Yucatan, Mexico, where Tim and his family now reside.

The day was hot as daytime temperatures are around 100 degrees this time of year. The tiny makeshift homes in this area are made of scraps of lumber, cardboard, and anything else that can be repurposed for walls and a roof. The homes do not have windows and rarely have more than a dirt floor. There are no toilets – and no safe drinking water. Yet these families are determined to stay together. As Tim spends more time in the community, he finds new ways for The Philip Hayden Foundation to help struggling families with vulnerable children. Every individual has value and significance, whether rich or poor. It is a privilege to transform lives through humanitarian aid and medical care.

Teaching dental hygiene

On this scorching day, a dentist, a doctor, and two nurses volunteered their time to teach dental hygiene to the community. Entire families were interested and everyone listened attentively. The dentist taught everyone how to brush their teeth and why that is so important. Left untreated, tooth decay and gum disease can lead to more than bad breath. It can contribute to sickness and even death. Every attendee, young and old, received a new toothbrush and toothpaste. This seemingly small outreach will impact lives. Thank you for your continued support as PHF discovers new ways to help vulnerable children.

Strengthening Families in Sichuan

Over a decade ago, Rebekah was an intern at Philip Hayden Foundation. Her passion for orphans in China led her to start Hope Station, a 501c3 nonprofit. Hope Station recently established a Chinese NGO in Sichuan. Rebekah shared this story with PHF, and your donations have funded therapy for Hengheng for the next year.

Hengheng and his therapist smile for the camera

She stepped into the office in tears. She could barely keep the words of desperation from spilling out, as she shared about her son. At the time, HengHeng was 3 years old. He’d been diagnosed with Autism a year before, and his parents were still struggling with the weight of his diagnosis.

HengHeng ran back and forth across the Hope Station office with a lollipop held tightly in his fist. The Hope Station staff sat with his mama, eager to listen and encourage.

Serving children with special needs and their families

Hope Station serves children with special needs and their families in Sichuan province. Families come to Hope Station afraid, lonely, and desperate for help. Many parents have unsupportive extended families, fears about their child’s future, and some have even considered giving up their child to the local orphanage under the assumption that they’d be better off there.

HengHeng’s parents were all too familiar with these struggles. His dad shared, “For a family like ours, seeing our child grow day by day but not learning the skills he should be learning at his age, it’s really an ordeal… As his parents, seeing the gap between him and the other kids his age makes us feel very anxious.”

Family Strengthening Program

That day in the Hope Station office, HengHeng’s family joined the Family Strengthening Program… and everything changed.

Hengheng enjoys jumping as he works with his occupational therapist

HengHeng was enrolled in weekly speech and occupational therapy. His parents and grandma started receiving training about Autism and got access to other special needs resources. The whole family started getting home visits from a Family Care Specialist, and they met other families with children who have special needs.

HengHeng started showing improvements very soon after starting therapy.

He has learned how to use chopsticks to eat, when he used to just grab food with his hands, so that’s some progress… And when we have him put on his clothes, socks, and shoes, he can basically do it now. “

Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, Philip Hayden Foundation has partnered with Hope Station to provide these therapy and medical services for HengHeng and other children like him. They are learning and growing week after week, and their families are finding hope again.

HengHeng’s family has been in the Family Strengthening Program for almost two years now. HengHeng is making progress every day, his mama doesn’t feel so alone anymore, and his dad knows how to help his family into the future.

We will patiently continue to guide HengHeng, and hope that one day he’ll be able to live independently. That’s our greatest wish.”

Find out more about Hope Station on their website, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram. PHF funded therapy for Hengheng for the next year, and we will be providing resources for additional Hope Station kids with medical or therapy needs. Watch for more stories!

A Season of Renewal

The Philip Hayden Foundation has been helping orphans in China for over 25 years. Our passion from the very beginning was to transform the lives of the most vulnerable children. In 1995, the orphanages were overcrowded and understaffed. We brought food and diapers. Then we held babies and toddlers, played games with children, and looked deeply into their eyes. This kind of connection helps a child feel valued and loved.

Children born with disabilities were often unable to receive treatment, severely limiting their quality of life. In the U.S., we have a safety net for necessary medical care, even if the family cannot afford the medical costs. It is not always so in other countries. As the Child Welfare System changed to meet the needs of the orphans in care, a new need developed: care for orphans with severe disabilities.

As the number of orphans exploded in the early 2000s, so did the need for foster homes for the orphans with the most severe medical conditions. So PHF opened foster homes and established partnerships with hospitals and doctors. Hundreds of children passed through our doors, their lives transformed through love, medical care, and education.

Supporting Chinese Charities

The number of orphans in China has declined over the past ten years, and it is time for PHF to adapt again to meet the current needs of orphans in China. Chinese charities (NGOs) have opened to help orphans and unsupported children in many communities. PHF will partner with local NGOs, offering training and resources. The needs are particularly significant in rural communities, where the number of orphans and unsupported children stretches the limited resources of local social care centers.

The Philip Hayden Foundation will also work to transform the lives of the most vulnerable children in Mexico, partnering with existing efforts whenever possible. Our passion for providing hope to children is unchanged, but we are again in a season of renewal. Thank you for your continued support for the most vulnerable children, both in China and in Mexico.

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Great News! We have updated our online donation system, and you now can access your account online. For your security, you will need to request access through a link on our website. You’ll be asked to provide your email address, and a link will be sent to you. For your security, that link is only good for 24 hours. But you can access your account as often as you want.